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I am a software developer with many years of experience. I focus on web development because the open web is one of the most beneficial technologies for humankind ever created. I enjoy learning new things and am quick to pick up new skills.


I am a software developer, speaker, community leader and business owner. I am an end to end web developer with many years experience in a variety of languages and platforms. I enjoy training, speaking, leading and mentoring fellow developers.

I practice continuous improvement in my personal and professional development through constant study and taking on new challenges. I am a member of KnoxDevs, KnoxRuby and I host KnoxDevBeers, a biweekly developer discussion group. I am an Open Space Technology Facilitator.


I am a passionate software developer with years of experience delivering working software that meets users’ needs. I have shipped software on the web and Windows desktop using a variety of languages and technologies. I love learning new technologies and using them to solve challenging problems.

I am self motivated and I get things done. I enjoy understanding the needs of users and stakeholders to solve the important problems. I am an advocate of testing as the best means to create successful designs and insure quality.

I prefer readable and maintainable code. I follow the guidance of Ward Cunningham, who said that once you get your program working, “Make it look like it was easy to write this program even if it wasn’t.”

I prefer using open source solutions to building my own, limited solution. I insist that building the right thing is always more important than building it right. Because, it doesn’t matter how well you build the wrong thing. I enjoy engaging with other developers by presenting at developer events, participating in meetups and online communities and especially through Open Space Technology.

Here is my personal mission statement:

I am here to:
pursue excellence,
inspire passion,
share insights and
create abundance.

Here’s a chimney I built

While I was finding my way to a long term career, I stumbled into doing a bit of masonry. This chimney is likely the most enduring thing I will make in my lifetime.