Macdesktop in a Windows Application

I love Visual FoxPro.  I love .NET too, but the platform
hasn’t had time to develop really interesting historical quirks. 
VFP is increadibly backwards compatable.  I was reminded of this
again today while reading the WIKI
I saw this little command that moves the project manager outside of the
VFP IDE and onto the taskbar.  Not terribly exciting until you
consider the syntax, which comes from a time when FoxPro ran on DOS,
UNIX, Mac and Windows.




VSTS presentation at ETNUG

Here are some links I have found useful in studying Visual Studio Team System:


Still crazy after all these weeks…

There is much to report in this space, but I have been too busy having
experiences to stop and document them.

TechEd was exhausting, and extremely fun.  If anyone knows how I
can get a RSVP code for PDC, click the contact link, please.

I’m getting divorced and moving to a new residence.  If that wasn’t stressful enough,
I started a new job last week, and I’m presenting the fruits of my
TechEd experience at the East Tennessee .NET Users’ Group
tomorrow night.  Whew!


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