No Longer A Freak?

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow morning I will fulfill my personal goal of reaching a broader business audience. I’ll be addressing a meeting of the Entrepreneurs Of Knoxville. You may remember that last year around this time I made my first inquiries into speaking to a non-technical audience and received some unvarnished feedback.

Since then, I have formed a corporation and worked as a freelance software developer. Along the way, I joined the Entrepreneurs Of Knoxville (EoK) in order to associate with like minded people. Last week, I mentioned to the organizer that I’d like to give a presentation at a future meeting. A few days later, the speaker for this week canceled and I got tapped to fill in.

I’m thrilled to get to share some ideas beyond the field of software development. I read widely in the areas of business, productivity and personal development and I have endeavored to apply the best ideas directly in my life and business. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some very useful ideas from an unlikely source.

My talk tomorrow is titled Seven Lessons in Personal Marketing I Learned From Pickup Artists. While the source of the information might imply some freakiness, the content is solid, i assure you. I’ll be sharing the useful ideas and techniques I’ve learned from studying the material of a variety of dating coaches. The fist step in finding a mate is making friends and making friends is how I’ve found new business for years now. Here’s the abstract:

Seven Lessons in Personal Marketing I Learned From Pickup Artists

A few years ago, I stumbled on a mention of something called the seduction community in a talk by Merlin Mann ( After a few Google searches, I found the book The Game by Neil Strauss and read it. The book tells the story of how Strauss, a writer, became involved in the seduction community and what he learned there. What he found was a bunch of nerds that used a left brain approach to courtship and in the process uncovered a series of repeatable approaches to social dynamics based on a rich set of principles of human behavior and motivation.

I quickly saw the applicability of these routines and principles beyond the realm of attracting a mate. I’ve studied the books and recordings of the professional instructors of this material and now I want to share what I found to be of greatest value. I applied these principles to my professional networking activities with pleasant success and look forward to sharing these ideas with you.

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come out and join me. If you can’t make it, the video will be posted online with the rest of the EoK meetings. I’ll post an update when it is available.